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Discussion on: My misadventure with Cloudflare Workers and Vue Serverless Side Rendering

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Olivier Guimbal

The 50ms limit is only counting actual CPU time. You can wait requests taking as much time as you wish, the waiting time will not be taken into account in the 50ms timeout.

For instance, here is a prototype of one of my side projects which runs an SSR Nuxt.js on Cloudflare Workers.
Requests used to populate this are taking far more than 50ms.

Moreover, having bundles that weight more than a MB for something that requires SSR looks like a codesmell to me. But that's a matter of opinion ☺️

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David Porter Author

Possibly, in my experience it doesn't take much effort to blow out React and Vue apps. When I have time I'll see if I can trim my app down which will be a useful exercise regardless.