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Changing electron app icon

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Generate icns

  • Generate .iconset
  • Run iconutil -c icns "Icon.iconset". Note that icon names must be first letter lowsercased


Use icns

  • In main.js, specify icon
win = new BrowserWindow({
  width: 800, 
  height: 600,
  icon: __dirname +  '/Icon/Icon.icns'
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You can also use helper url methods

const path = require('path')
const url = require('url')

const iconUrl = url.format({
  pathname: path.join(__dirname, 'Icon/Icon.icns'),
  protocol: 'file:',
  slashes: true
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If app icon is not updated

  • I get a problem that electron always shows default app icon. I tried using png, NativeImage, different icon sizes but still the problem
  • Go to node_modules -> electron -> dist, right click on Electron, choose View Info
  • Drag another icns into the icon on the top left


Release with electron-packager

  • icon must be specified with __dirname (we already did) for electron-packager to pick up correct icons

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