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Open Lowcode version 1 Released

I am glad to announce that after a few years of effort, Open Lowcode version 1 is released. Open Lowcode is a solution for enterprises and organisations to create good specific apps quickly and cheaply, and run it for years with rock-bottom costs.

Open Low-code magic sauce boils down to:

  • Full open-source so customers will never experience vendor lock-in
  • vertical integration providing performance, simplicity and almost no obsolescence
  • All freedom to code the complex last 10%
  • Ergonomics for real work, as close as possible from Office suites

if you want to know more about the reasonning behind this initiative, please have a look at the Tech Blog

I am actively looking for contributors, and highly welcome developers of all skills, especially if you come from an enterprise background. If you are stuck a few days at home in the last weeks, why not come and hack a little bit in a friendly environment ?

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