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Connecting USB devices over a TCP/IP connection

Most computer users have been exposed to the TCP/IP networking communication protocol. The term is an acronym for Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP). These two distinct protocols are often used together in the underlying architecture of the majority of networks that the average computer user accesses every day. Many of the common computer activities such as connecting to websites, playing multi-player online games, and using social media sites all rely on the TCP/IP protocols to establish and maintain communication.

Through the use of dedicated communication software, you can attain the ability to share USB devices over a TCP/IP network. USB Network Gate is an application that allows any computer attached to the network to remotely access network-connected USB devices. See the benefits that this tool provides by downloading the software. Then, follow the simple steps we present and start sharing USB devices over any network that employs the TCP/IP protocols.


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