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Well, even if it isn't "finished" right now, I sure wouldn't want to be part of TikTok's PR team given that the discussions of data privacy and "Chinese surveillance" have been opened.

The same thing happened to Facebook in regard to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, but the main reason why Facebook is still "alive" today is because it has long firmly established itself as a mandatory aspect of modern culture.

Nowadays, it would be unworldly to not have a Facebook account, at least for professional/business/networking purposes. On the other hand, TikTok is merely a platform for "trendy" videos and such. When Vine shut down, people easily migrated to other video-hosting platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. What's to stop TikTok from repeating history? More importantly, what can TikTok even do from a PR standpoint to regain the trust of their users (assuming the ban was somehow lifted in the future)?

The way I see it, TikTok's PR recovery greatly depends on whether it can establish itself as an "essential platform" (like Facebook). Right now, that seems to be an extremely far cry. At any moment, a new platform (just like TikTok) could swoop in and deal the final blow to TikTok.