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re: What do you like about TestCafe? I looked it up and it just seems like a honeypot where we have buzzwords about Open Source and npm, only to take y...

Hmm, i dont know much about the testcafe studio - i used in when it was in beta but because i know JS and WYSIWYG for js (including css selectors) was not meeting my standards, its probably for less technical who dont want to get dirty in JS.

Well, i never found any JS e2e framework that is better.

Capybara (im from Ruby on Rails community) is slow, based on ancient drivers and there are constant problems with "waiting" for things, so you need to add manual waits.

Pure puppeteer/firefox alternatives need too much boilerplate code.

  • TestCafe has docker image (i use it on CI)
  • and npm package,
  • it has watch mode, which speeds up development,
  • its quick (cypress moves slower than tectonic plates),
  • i never have issues with waiting for anything which was the biggest issue in all the solutions, including paid GhostInspector,
  • i can very easily write my own helpers,
  • it supports PageObject out of the box,
  • it has Roles which helps in my kind of work (i often test Seller + Buyer flow)
  • its extrelemy easy to configure to run tests in multiple browsers
  • supports remote browsers (ie. browserstack, saucelabs),
  • uses modern JS to write tests
  • company behind it has big components library so they will support it, because testing it is probably critical to their business
  • with very little effort ive added performance testing to my test suite
  • it produces very nice artifacts from failed tests (screenshots/video) on CI

To be honest i never cared about number of followers on twitter - i cared how good the product is, and IMO it is the best on the market ;-) - this tells me much more than twitter account. Im very glad they focus on development not the social media presence - i suspect this might be the reason why this product is so good.

I see you keep mentioning a lot about TestCafe.
I searched your name on Google and it returned multiple articles and comments where you praised this solution.
How can we know that you're not biased?

Also, why does everyone say that their solution is the ONLY one that has smart/automatic waits.
That is BS. Most solutions for automated testing provide automatic waits which can be configured globally (e.g. Element Load Timeout, Page Load Timeout).

Of course im biased. Like everyone in the world about everything - this is my opinion, just like everything else i say/write.
Take it or leave it, not forcing anyone to trust me.

The question is why are you questioning my opinion.
If you see a trap instead of my arguments then maybe work on your biases ;)
Im not "BigCorp Co.", i dont look for your data to sell it, im trying to help FEDs increase their code/project quality by sharing my experience and hopefully save their time/stress when debugging random fails.

Im not saying "my" (its not mine, i just use it) is the only one that works, im saying TestCafe has the only one that "just works" for me for ~2 years now and ive wasted a lot of time on other solutions that promised, but not delivered that one thing.

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