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re: I am very excited for this hackathon and I already had an action to build in my to-do list and this hackathon was the motivation I needed. Thanks f...

Really awesome to hear that you'll be participating, and that this contest provided a bit of extra motivation to get started.

  1. Can we submit more than one actions?

Yes, you can submit as many entries as you'd like, but you'll only be eligible to win one prize.

  1. Can we submit actions we built in past?

For this contest, you'll only be able to submit projects that you started after this announcement post was published.


Can I submit an existing project that did not have GitHub Actions and I start integrating GitHub Actions after this announcement was published?

Yes, as your submission will be the undertaking of of integrating the action and/or workflow into the project.

Hey Peter, though I have submitted my post before the dead line yet I haven't received any mail or badge in my profile!! What to do?

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