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Great article, and I'm very proud to be shouted-out as another "productivity nerd."

I'll add two quick tips:

  • (⌘ + K) will do the same thing as (⌘ + T). For whatever reason, I find that hotkey combo slightly more "ergonomic."
  • As Jess mentioned, I set a ton of reminds, such as: /remind me to look at the attendee list for tonight at 530pm /remind me about Dev Discuss every Tuesday at 9pm
  • make use of the native "status" feature when going heads-down. When I toggle on the 👽 emoji, the team knows they'll have to DM me for a response

Definitely curious to see any other Slack tips that people use.


I know the reason you (and I) like CMD+K. K is on the home row.


Not just the home row, but one of the vim navigation keys!

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