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one which was co-authored on British constitutional law

How did you get interested in British constitutional law? Do you notice any similarities between the legal arena and programming?


Ages ago I used to be one of those teenagers who would knock on people's doors for political reasons. I was useful for political groups when they needed someone to make a CRM system or a website. I found myself being on the board of an organisation called The Reform Foundation - where I was introduced to the co-authors of this book (an MP and a professor) and I accidentally found myself being part of it.

I've come close to standing for local government elections in safe seats, but always backed off at the last minute. I've started to lose my reformist renegade spirit for politics (I guess I've moved that more towards the software development world?).

I've become far more cynical these past few years and have largely lost political interest - other than carrying a membership card for a political party in my wallet. Occasionally I still act as a "counting agent" in elections (someone who has the delight of watching ballot papers being counted and then arguing about how they should be counted).

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