re: Javascript Array.push is 945x faster than Array.concat 🤯🤔 VIEW POST

re: Yes, my focus is in-browser (on desktop) high-end 3D scenes, which is very different from web pages and server-side stuff. I've spent a good amount...

Actually your time spent on various array benchmarks across browsers, would be a cool article on its own - especially the various other browsers, safari desktop, mobile, edge, ie11? (haha).

Would actually love to see your browser specific implementations 🤔 It is admittingly a lot of work though

Thanks! A lot of this work is in various test files (not in repos) and quite a bit of it was done over the last 3 years so I'd have to retest all permutations etc. I often feel like writing an article here but instead I just write a long comment on someone else's story as that feels less "weighty." But cool that you'd be interested!

As for browsers, given the scope of my project I have the luxury of requiring essentially the latest versions of desktop browsers, so my project outputs ES2018 code and I only need to check a few different engines.

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