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re: Definately a biased sample for browser point of view - not fully intentional though. We tried to get firefox results for extreamly large arrays.......

Yes, my focus is in-browser (on desktop) high-end 3D scenes, which is very different from web pages and server-side stuff. I've spent a good amount of time benchmarking various approaches to array based data manipulations so certain of my functions have separate paths for diff browsers but in general with my code Safari (since v11) and Chrome are very close with my code usually performing best in STP and Firefox generally coming in 3rd place by about -10% to -30%, unless it faster by a good margin in particular things… JS engines.

This problem also exists for ArrayBuffers as the changes to JS engines to accommodate ES6 runtime features negatively affected many common functions on those types. New patches have come in since then and they're better now, but certain functions on ArrayBuffer, like set, are still very slow on all browsers.

Thanks to Shi Ling for the nice article.

Actually your time spent on various array benchmarks across browsers, would be a cool article on its own - especially the various other browsers, safari desktop, mobile, edge, ie11? (haha).

Would actually love to see your browser specific implementations πŸ€” It is admittingly a lot of work though

Thanks! A lot of this work is in various test files (not in repos) and quite a bit of it was done over the last 3 years so I'd have to retest all permutations etc. I often feel like writing an article here but instead I just write a long comment on someone else's story as that feels less "weighty." But cool that you'd be interested!

As for browsers, given the scope of my project I have the luxury of requiring essentially the latest versions of desktop browsers, so my project outputs ES2018 code and I only need to check a few different engines.

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