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re: Two things, no more: To be a professional developer, you dont need a certificate from X university, you just need hand-on experience building rea...

I know that for many the 1st thing is a reality, but one has to be clear about what exactly do you mean by "professional developer". Yes, what you are saying is absolutely right, in all honesty. You can develop apps and write code professionally without a degree, but there is also a bunch of people who are professional developers in a very specific, high technical field, for which they've spent years doing research or studying the laws of nature, and whose qualification are a requirement for their profession because they, to some extent, describe what the person is able to do. Clearly, there are some exceptions, but the general rule exists.

So, while you don't need a certificate to solve some of the problems in the world, you do need it to solve others, and the line is definitely not drawn between "building real stuff vs. practice on humans".

Probably the clarification needed is that you don't need a coding/programming/developing or similar certificate to code/program/develop, but you do need to have the academic background in the area that you are going to develop to.

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