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Discussion on: A Couple of Nomad Makers: burnout, challenges, and lessons learned

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Jeremy • Edited

Wonderful article. It is always very interesting to see inside the life of a nomad freelancer, and I'm glad you fully expressed the challenges you faced, as I know this kind of work is often misrepresented as a form of permanent holiday.

For your cafe picking problem, I may have a solution! I wrote a small Web app which randomly selects an open food business in your area. Let me know if it helps!

If you are looking to travel with a carry on, I really liked Pieter Levels article on his setup. Worth a read if you haven't already!

I will enjoy reading your next series, take care!

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Danielle Author

Wow thank you so much Jeremy! It definitely isn't a permanent holiday, and like you read there are challenges, but I wouldn't change it for anything :)

I'll check out your app and thank you for the Pieter Levels link, I hadn't read that - it's a good post! Our bags fit on the budget airlines for carry on last week thankfully, and I've been slowly throwing things away. We're in Berlin right now but heading to Asia at the end of the month so more stuff can be chucked out!

Thanks again

  • Danielle :)