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Apache JMeter 5.2.1

Last week, Apache JMeter team has released its newer version JMeter which is 5.2.1. I have already published couple videos of Apache JMeter 5.2 in my YouTube channel, please check it out.

This is the minor release which has the bug fixes which are identified in the earlier versions. Totally four defects have been fixed.

  • Bug 63926 – JDBC Connection Configuration: Add ability to set connection properties
  • Bug 63906 – NPE for InfluxDB backend listener during failover testing
  • Bug 63910 – Broken maven poms in released 5.2 version
  • Bug 63911 – ApacheJMeter_config.jar content has changed (bin moved to run and missing files)

I suggest you to upgrade to the latest version of JMeter to run your tests hassle-free.

Read more in my blog

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