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Discussion on: Convert Any Static Website To PWA

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quambene • Edited on

PWAs are great, especially for web apps! We did Turtle in Angular as a PWA. You have one codebase but get 3 apps (web, mobile, desktop) for free. You can even publish it in the App Stores (Android, iOS, Windows) if you want.

Unfortunately, not all touch gestures are supported yet. But you can use something like hammer.js to solve this.

Twitter is also a good example of a PWA. I installed it as desktop app on Ubuntu which comes in very handy.

Another down side is that only Google Chrome really supports the installation of PWAs. I hope Firefox and Safari deliver soon on this development.

UPDATE: I just discovered that has a PWA, too :)

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Irshad Ali Author

Yes PWAs are great but still have lot of downsides. Do check this my site build on "React js" and it is a PWA which works in offline also. Hope you like it do replay me. Thank You