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Discussion on: State of JavaScript 2020 Results are declared!

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Thanks for sharing these. The data is very interesting. Here's some things it made me wonder about.
New Devs Learn New Frameworks (not old)?
If you look at the data it seems to indicate that new devs learn new frameworks and this causes them to become "popular". Consider how popular React is, but now it is 2nd to Svelte (probably simply because it is newer).

Does Anyone Like Current Frameworks?
Also, the data could also indicate that no one really likes the older frameworks because as soon as one emerges then it becomes the new favorite.

This cycle of continual throwing away the old because something new emerged is quite a challenge and is probably somewhat false because someone who has been using React for a few years on numerous and/or large projects certainly isn't suddenly rewriting in the new Svelte.

Multiple Codebases?
This also seems to indicate that if devs are taking up these new favorites and have been developing for 5 years then they have multiple codebases (all in different frameworks) and is probably unsustainable for a company.

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Yogesh Chavan Author

Really great observations and insights. Thanks for sharing it 🙏