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How to Write the Best Meta Description

When you are creating a blog, the only thing that matters is the content. You know the saying, content is king. But when you’re dealing with search engines, there are a few complimentary things that matter too like metadata, title length, keywords, etc. Although those who have spent a lot of years on website and content creation will be aware of it, while those who are new to it might be unaware.

With the help of this article, we are going to discuss everything about the Meta description and will also know how to write the best Meta description.

What is a Meta description?

A meta description is a type of short paragraph, and the primary use of this description is to describe all about the content. Meta descriptions are placed in the HTML of a webpage.

You must have noticed that whenever you search a website in Google, you can see a small description below the name of the site. That is called the Meta description.

Where to add the Meta description?

No matter what platform you are using for blogging, you should always add the meta description in the

section of your website HTML section.

While when you are using WordPress and a plugin for SEO, then at that time, you can also place the meta description in the "meta description" section of that plugin. This will enhance the SEO, and hence we would be able to see better results.

How to write the best meta description?

Here are some essential points with the use of which we would be able to write the best meta description-

  1. Keywords - We should always make sure to use the most relevant keywords of a website. With the help of which search engines would be able to make themselves clear about the type of content, we have on our website.
  2. Readable description - As we all know, the meta description has a particular word limit within which it should be completed. So to chase that word limit, most of the people out there are unable to focus on the readability of their meta description. Make sure to write a natural kind of meta description, which simply describes the content.
  3. *Word limit *- We should always keep this thing in your mind that, the meta description should not be longer than 160 characters and should always have a minimum of 135 characters. If you tried to exceed or decrease the character limit, then the search engines would not accept your meta description.
  4. *No duplication *- Every page on your website would have a different kind of meta description. So make sure you are not creating duplicate content, as if you created duplicate meta descriptions, then Google will not be happier with your website and will penalize you for sure.
  5. Use snippets - We can also use rich snippets with the help of which we would be able to increase the appeal.

Why is the meta description essential?

The meta description is critical as with the help of it; the searcher would be able to make their mind whether they want to get into your site or not.


Here we have come to the end of this article, in which we have had a look at what meta description is, it’s used, and why meta description is so important for every website. Moreover, the most crucial point we discussed is how to write the best meta description.

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