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Need tips to start Software Engineering <Post 4>

It seems that I found many projects ideas yesterday I will add to the publication number 3 of my trip to become an engineer. So today I write the functional specifications for my first engineer project.

I tried to go step by step.
I don't hide you that my test project is a request from one of my clients (yes I have clients, in the previous publications I told you that I was a web developer already 7 years old) But I'd keep secret the purpose of the project. But nevertheless I am at the stage of writing a specification.

Writing Project specifications

In French we say "cahier de charges". The Google terms that I found as comparative for terms of reference are:

Technical Specifications

Project Specifications

Since I never learned in a school to write specifications for the client. Because I am a Sofwate engineer in becoming from scratch.

I went online in the hope to models of specifications. And since this morning 10 am (in Congolese time) I'm still writing the famous specifications.

I came to the conclusion that functional specification of a project that will be presented to a client (who's not involved in computer) are just formal.Different from technical specification that I have seen online.
Finally that's my starting summary :

1- Background
2- Presentation of the project
3- Project Organization
4- Technical Requirements

(I stop here and get back to writing my specifications)
But two problems locked me, hence my questions of the day:

1) Do I have to offer interfaces (HMI)?
2) How do I handle with use cases?
3) I do not know how to use other tools: if you need to draw interfaces I can do it with Illustrator? (I'm more comfortable with)

SOS engineers.

Article in completion ...

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