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Pikaso v2.5.0 is released

I am pleased to announce the release of version 2.5.0 today.

This release includes one new feature and one important improvement.

Introduce Measurement Tag

Resize the red box to see how it works:

Improve SVG drawing

To achieve a smoother drawing experience, the logic for drawing SVG paths has been reimplemented.

Click and drag the mouse to see what it looks like:

Pencil Drawing

Pencil Drawings have a minor difference in that, unlike other shapes, they begin a new drawing when the current one ends.
The editor.shapes.pencil.stopDrawing() method or editor.board.setActiveDrawing(null) method must be called in order to stop pencil drawing.

Draw something cool and then hit the "esc" key on your keyboard to finish the drawing.

Pikaso's full feature list is available at and

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