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Discussion on: This is how I turned my old laptop into a server.

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Cool! I found this very interesting, but is it possible to access the server from outside the home?

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Jayesh Waghmare Author

Your need to forward the ports. give static ip to the server in the private network. Use DDNS if your service provider provides you with dynamic ip. Also you need to check out DMZ and all that stuff.

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Rafael Cristaldo

You tell us that your server is not in public zone. But when you say to use port forward, DMZ and DDNS we are convicted that YES, the server is on a DMZ Zone, opened to the Internet access. http is port 80 tcp (DDNS), and the worst if you setup your IP Address server in the DMZ config space at your Router, you definitely put your server on the internet border. Just my tip!
It is confusing many people here.