re: PyCharm vs Visual Studio Code to boost Productivity? VIEW POST


Well, I want to prefer VS Code. It's my editor for choice for web development. But for Python... To name just one example, there are a lot of convenient features that work out of the box with Pycharm, whereas with VS Code... I tried to do a rename refactor... I Googled how to do it (which with Pycharm I never had's right there in the right-click menu, and works exactly as expected), and it only renames in the one specific file I'm in. Intellisense doesn't work on my own local modules for some reason. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, maybe I can fix these things... But stuff like this seems to come up fairly frequently. And VSCode/Python seems to lead to more time wasted tinkering and troubleshooting before I can start my job of tinkering and troubleshooting.

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