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E-021: The Best Way To Learn Anything

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Jon's back!  In this episode we catch up a bit since it's been a couple weeks since we've spoken, we celebrate Spencer's launch of Spectrum 3, hit some Epic news and dive into the best ways we learn with tips along the way.

0:00 - Intro 

1:07 - Jon's moving saga and office space

5:11 - Spencer's update, Spectrum launch and camping naked

7:55 - NEWS:  React Native Radio

8:31 - Digital Ocean App Platform

11:13 - EPIC News / Court Date

11:44 - The Best Way To Learn [#clickBait]

13:25 - Doc diving

19:54 - The proper way to use tutorials + critical thinking

24:44 - Suck it up buttercup - if you're stuck, push through it

28:55 - Saturation and Emersion

29:56 - Community Involvement

33:21 - Open source contributions / good first issue

34:50 - Translation as a means of learning

36:15 - Book - Make It Stick

39:46 - Spencer's course review by Jon

42:34 - Community and

44:17 - Wrap up




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