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Sentiment Analysis of Tebak Gambar Game's Reviews

Machine Learning subject was taught by Mrs. Helen and Mrs. Intan. When I was taught by Mrs. Intan, it was fun like I felt before in Soft Computing subject classes. Mrs. Helen was being Mrs. Intan's substitution because Mrs. Intan was pregnant. She was actually nice but I didn't like how she taught us. It's too slow and I didn't understand the slides that she used. She was a new lecturer in my department but she already had a lot of experiences in things like this, even more than Mrs. Intan I guess.

The midterm test was made by Mrs. Helen and it was very difficult damnit. I couldn't answer the theoretical questions and I couldn't finish the mathematical questions because of the time limit. There was also the practical midterm test which was the project that I will tell here. She wanted us to make a simple NLP program and present it to her team by team. One of the NLP implementations was sentiment analysis and I used that as my project. My team consisted of Iyon, Kevin, and me. We were completely stupid on this kind of thing but I suggested to find a simple project from Github and used the different data. The project of my team was Sentiment Analysis of Tebak Gambar Game's Playstore Reviews like the title of this post. Tebak Gambar was one of the games in Google Playstore and we used the user reviews for analysing if this game was good or bad based on the user reviews. We were lucky to get some good sentiment analysis codes in Python but the different data that we built wasn't compatible with the codes.

I didn't understand why but there was always a kind of bug that made our data couldn't be analysed perfectly. The codes were perfectly fine with the sample data but when we used the different data we failed. We realised this failure on the day of our presentation time so we rescheduled the presentation to Mrs. Helen. We still didn't manage to fix the codes and Mrs. Helen asked us a lot of ambiguous questions to see if we understood the codes or not. Too bad because there were some codes that we couldn't explain, we were asked to present the program again in the next chance.

In the second chance of presenting our program, we tried to hide the bug. Of course Mrs. Helen would find it anyway because she gathered all programs that were made by the students but whatever. As long as we could pass the presentation we would be free. We could say that's the bug and we couldn't fix it. Go take a look at our program on my Github!

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