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Patricia Joanne
Patricia Joanne

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Sundanese Script Learning and Quiz Android App

Thank you so much for Shofiyyah because almost of the app making were done by her. I also thanked Fauzi for helping Shofi because I really knew that Shofi often lost her motivations to do campus projects. I hated the fact that my laptop was very uncomfortable to use. I lost my graphic card inside the laptop so I couldn’t do some things in the laptop. For example, using the emulator. I was worried if my laptop would go bluescreen when I forced it to use an emulator. So yeah, in this project I only became the assets maker.

This project was about Sundanese scripts learning and quiz. Yeah, as you expected from the title of this post. It was made with recycler view for the learning section and fragments for the quiz section. You can check the project here. There were a lot of bad UI here but still it was the best app we ever made together.

I couldn’t tell a lot about this project because there weren’t any special moments about this project LOL. It was made for our midterm project of Object-oriented Programming 2 subject. This subject was new in our major. Last year, our seniors didn’t get this subject. Actually this subject was really important because as an Informatics student we should know the basics of Android app making. Every day we live and we need our smartphone. I really supported this subject but felt sorry for my seniors because they didn’t get this.

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