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Discussion on: Bridgetown and Environment Variables

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Adam Rogers Author

Ultimmately I think the answer is because it's configuration, not code.

If I want to rotate my api key for a given service, should that require a full re-deploy of the website? In a static build like Bridgetown then yes, you are going to have to basically re-deploy the website and that is likely a tivial task, but in more complex environments that might be more difficult.

For me, I think that seperation of code and config represents something of a best practice, which I wanted to emulate in Bridgetown.

Keen to here your take. Would you argue for just slamming the api key in the html and being done with it?

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Andreas Wagner

yes, separation makes perfect sense, and should be considered as default certainly. i've seen too many frontend projects - usually by single developer - that leave configuration all over the place, ad hoc inserts, etc. it's very frustrating to take over a project like that and grep the code for config locations.

my angle was more geared towards the security aspect, as the key is public anyway.