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How I monitor my blog


I use different monitoring and analytics tools to monitor my blog: Google Analytics, Vercel Analytics and New Relic. Maybe is too much, given that my blog doesn’t have a lot of traffic and it’s not a “critical system” to be continuously monitored and kept online (if it goes down for a couple of minutes no one will complain!). But since these services are free to use and since I use New Relic at work, I decided to use it for my blog and maybe to learn more about it.

But.. what is New Relic? Well, this is what I understood so far: New Relic is a monitoring tool that provides real-time data, usage analytics and allows you to monitor your services and to set alarms for them (imagine you want to receive a notification when one of your services goes down to be able to promptly respond to the failures). If you want a more specific definition of it, visit the official documentation.

I don’t monitor any service for my blog - I don’t have any! - but only the front end performances. And I do so with New Relic One.


I do monitor my blog because I want to understand its performances and what I can do to improve it.


My blog is built with GatsbyJS so I used the plugin gatsby-plugin-newrelic. I won’t write here what I did to set up New Relic because there’s nothing their README doesn’t say. And it explains how to do it so well!

What I can add is that I monitor only my production environment. Here’s my configuration to monitor production.

Here you can see a part of my dashboard where I see data coming through.

The dashboard

Here you can see my blog’s FID , First Input Delay.

To put it in simpler terms, the FID is the delay between when you click or tap on something like a link or a button, and the time that the browser responds to your action and starts processing it.

How long my blog takes to load by URL

I want to be honest: I can’t understand all of these charts yet. But that’s why I choose to monitor my blog with New Relic: I want to learn and become more familiar with it.

So don’t blame me if I’m not saying anything really interesting in this article. More interesting stuff will come, with time.


I started monitoring my blog a few days ago so, for now, there’s not so much I can say but New Relic looks good and very easy to use. It offers a lot of charts, analytics and alerts… Which I didn’t try yet!!

If you are searching for a good monitoring tool for your application, New Relic is what you need.

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