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Discussion on: PowerShell Tutorial (Especially for People Who Hate PowerShell)

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Ryan Palo Author

Hey, that’s fair! And if you got to the last line, it means you read the whole article, so that’s good enough for me 😁 do check out hypertext and/or cmder though. They make things a little nicer. Thanks for reading!

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Shalvah • Edited

Lol. Bad News: I skipped to the end. Good News: so I could find the "Bookmark" button

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So, two and a half years later, I finally finished this article!😄

I really love it. Well-written, very comprehensive and lots of useful tips. Plus a lot of the reactions you described were things I'd experienced too.

I'm in a different place now... In late 2018, I decided to learn PS, and I actually began to appreciate it. The host is still terrible, so I use Cmder (might consider the Windows Terminal when it's out).

Thanks for writing this.