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Or, you might simply stop telling people how much you hate PowerShell whenever they mention it.

I think I'll stick with this. I've gotten used to PowerShell, customized it to be somewhat like Zsh, but some things still annoy me. Like the fact that history is only saved for the current session by default. And the fact that right-clicking does a paste. And the fact that the shell handles windowing and line wrapping SO POORLY. And the fact that I have to confirm another prompt anytime I hit Ctrl-C. Oh, and the fact that the shell is SO DAMN UGLY no matter how much you customise it.

I get the whole C#-like thing, and I could even come to like it, but I don't understand the design decisions that led to the things above; for a team like Microsoft, it's really disappointing.


Hey, that’s fair! And if you got to the last line, it means you read the whole article, so that’s good enough for me 😁 do check out hypertext and/or cmder though. They make things a little nicer. Thanks for reading!


Lol. Bad News: I skipped to the end. Good News: so I could find the "Bookmark" button

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