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I'm so new to Rust too, I want to get into UI development in it plus with its wasm support I want to build the next generation of security toolkits that runs within any web-browser, platform independent with the majority written in rust (I've always skipped hello worlds and gone way too big to start, my first project in VB6 (before .net 👴🏻) when I was 16 was also my first - and only - Trojan Virus with remote screen shots etc. and strangely although I only published it on a small page and didn't link to it anywhere, sophos picked it up within a month, but its still there.. which just shows some web services (lycos) have quite some sticking power, even for their free hosting! and rust itself is so secure by using life-times, ownership etc, it will litterally change owasp's top 10 because you have to TRY to code insecurely so as long as you've got configuration errors and incorrect permisions down then the old vulnerabilities like race conditions, memory leaks, bufer overflows/underruns, read-after-free etc will be a thing of the past!

anyway It would be good to pick up rust at the same time as someone else to make sure I have my head around everything correctly - its the first language from the ML family I've learnt - and to help each other stay focussed, even if you don't have time to help on my project, I'd love to learn graphic based stuff from you.. will be following!

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Will be following you too!

Also in case you haven't bumped into it yet Qt has webassembly support! I'm pretty sure there are some crates out there that allow you to use Qt with Rust.