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How would I go about reconnecting in case of websocket disconnect?


On disconnect event is only logged, but HubConnection inherits from websocket.WebSocketApp you can search a solution for you problem in this library. Now i have free time to work in library again, so asap i try to fix this issue. Here is an issue related


I have looked at the link. The only thing I see is to add run_forever, but you already have that in base_hub_connection.

run_forever seems to work when network cable is disconnected but it only tries to reconnect for approx 1 minute, and it also gives a websocket error after 1 min.

This weekend i was working on it, during this week. I will update library with "ondisconnected" method to configure reconnection. I tried to do that simplest way. I will explain the implementation on a post, to see if someone gives me feedback and improve that feature.

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