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Evil may not be the correct term. I don't believe they mean any malicious intent with the data. Negligent? Likely. Should something be done to regulate the Big Data industry? Absolutely.

But at the same time, it would be naive to think we can have all the facilities (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc) for free. The tradeoff is our data being sold to people beyond our control.


First and foremost, something should be done about the "regulating things" industry. It's the uncontested biggest evil on Earth.


Google probably earned the term "Evil" by using it themselves so much in the early days. Not that they ever wanted the "don't be evil" thing to be a public slogan in the first place, I feel like that's why they get called that more often these days.


Good call to both of you. I agree, Google used "evil" and now it's kinda stuck.

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