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How React-Native Cross-Platform Works?


This Blog Post started as a curiosity on how cross-platforming features work in React Native, but while researching, I discovered that this blog post should be a work in progress about something more.

About WebKit engine.
About hidden JavaScriptCore framework.
About Why every browser switching to Blink could be bad news for the web
About Gecko.
About Chrominum&V8&Blink.
How I decided to switch for only Chrominium based architecture browsers.
I will call this blog post a work in progress.
There are a lot of things to research.
If you're curious how cross-platform systems work, across Linux,osx, windows, ios, android or different processors, leave a comment or ideas. Thanks.
p.s I knew JavaScript was weird, but why so why sooooo odd.



⚠️ Next Blog Post.


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_p.s This post was made out of my curiosity

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