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re: Why I still love Ruby VIEW POST

re: Ignoring frameworks and libraries I would say this: Ruby is much lighter on syntax than Java and C# so it can be incredibly easy to read. Ruby is...

Thanks, What about performance ? does the performance is well when compared to C#, Java, Python and Go ? I also like to know which server side language is better for making web apps.

I don't know what the comparison is in 2020, but for most business logic and webapp use cases Ruby and Rails is more than fast enough. Usually the biggest speed problem in web apps results from excessive database calls and that is going to be a problem in every language.

I found a nice benchmark a while ago, comparing:
Ruby 2.7 vs. Python 3.8 => in most benchmarks, Ruby is faster
Ruby 2.7 vs. PHP 7.4 => in most benchmarks, PHP is faster

source: benchmarksgame-team.pages.debian.n...

I guess almost all compiled languages will have an edge over scripting languages.

I don't think performance is as good as other languages, I consider ruby and python to be slow, developers write code faster though

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