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How to Search Keywords

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Keyword Research :- Keyword research should be the first step when someone starts the SEO campaign and many people miss this step because they think that they know the right words which people are looking for. I have found that doing the right research first will always benefit in SEO. SO in this Article you will see the value of doing Key research. and the module is set up to provide a clear plan/ picture to you of how to find the keywords that really make difference.

How Keywords Work in SEO :- A keyword can just be a simple or it can be a descriptive phrase which can be used to describe what you are searching for. for examples if we are in business of selling the pens and we have a website that sells and arrangement of our pens. We obviously want to rank in what people are going to type in to the search box in order to find our product. Some words we might come up with such as marker, pen, highlighter.

Base keywords :- These words represent the root of a keyword is called base keyword. Below we have used base words in the scenario of pen company

Base keywords




But Having a base keyword doesn’t tell us what the user is looking for so we need to add more information to the base keyword to find out what is being searched for more.

Modifier:- The sort of words which provides additional inside is called modifier Keywords which clarify the meaning of the key word such as:


Permanent Marker alternative

Industrial Pen Holder

Black Highlighter

So understanding the intent of the search is quite valuable for someone who is doing SEO and modifiers play an important role in doing this.

Extenders :- Adding additional action words to a keyword base and modifier further enhance the keyword meaning and these are called keyword extenders such as :-


Need permanent marker alternative

find industrial pen holder

highlighter black no bleed

All three elements will help to dig deeper into understanding the purpose of the key word. Also like to mention that search engines don’t need base, modifier and extender to be in order and you can mix up the order without concern of the search engine. Read more at -


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