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It sounds like you haven't installed or imported the Firebase package to your project/file (depending on what you use to connect to Firebase). That's why it probably says that it can't find the Firebase cmd.
You can send me a screenshot of your code and error at davor.tvoric@bornfight.com, so we can take a closer look. It would be even better if you could send me the repository of your code if you have it.


I highly appreciate your response :).
here is my github repo url: github.com/NasreenKhalid/React-Cov...
and for firebase I ran the following cmd after creating a project in my firebase console:
npm i -g firebase-tools
and after that if I run firebase login on my terminal,it always says firebase command not found
Do I have to install any other package also?

Oh, I see now. I don't think you have to install anything else, it worked for me just by running the command you pasted here.

Which OS/terminal are you using?

Really?It worked for you..wow that's amaxing but with me it still throws error, kindly refer to the attached image.
I am using Windows OS and VS Code terminal to run the firebase command

If you're using a cmd.exe inside your VS Code (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cmd.exe), the default terminal VS Code offers you, then you probably need to add the firebase-tools to your PATH environment variable for it to recognize it.

I probably won't do a good job of explaining what it is, so you can take a look at what the PATH variable in Windows is here. Basically, you're trying to run a package you've installed via npm, but Windows doesn't know where to find that command and that's why it says "Command not found"

Here are some solutions that might help you out with that:

I think this should sort out the issue you're having, just make sure you restart your VS Code after any changes to the PATH variable

I am still trying to figure out the issue.
Thanks for your help anyways :)

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