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Discussion on: Connecting to Kafka cluster using SSL with Python

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Shubhendu Madhukar • Edited

I have a truststore.jks and password. But I don't have a keystore.jks. I am able to use the truststore and password to connect to the cluster using java code. Will this method work for truststore.jks also or is it only for keystore? I tried to generate those files and got certificate.pem but then I got an error stating "java.lang.Exception: Alias does not exist" and other files were not generated.

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Aditya Kanekar Author

The method will work for keystore.jks. It appears to me that you are using SSL Enabled Kafka without any ACL enabled. If thats true you might not be providing ssl_keyfile and ssl_certfile while connecting to Kafka through your Java code. In my view you should only provide the CARoot.pem to connect to Kafka other properties might not be required. Please try and let me know if that works.

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