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AWS Pinpoint – Benefits, How does it work and Use Cases

Nowadays, it has become an important task for marketers to understand their customers deeply. They also need to engage with their customers through the channels of their choice.

AWS Pinpoint enables marketers to deliver customer-focused engagement experience. It yields better customer experiences, and hence developing stronger relationships with customers. With AWS Pinpoint you don’t need to worry about customer engagement and all multi-level communication scenarios. SNDK Corp offers you AWS Pinpoint services for well-defined marketing communications.

What is AWS Pinpoint?

Pinpoint is a formative and expandable outbound and inbound marketing communications service by Amazon. It connects with customers over multiple channels such as email, SMS, notifications, or voice messages. Being easy to use and set up it is also adaptive towards all marketing scenarios. Pinpoint offers Audience segmentation, message personalization, and deep analytics of your communications. It grows with your needs and could be scaled to a billion messages per day globally.


* Audience Segmentation

The reach of your messages is set to the right audience by defining audience segments. A Segment classifies which users receive the messages sent from a certain campaign. You can also define dynamic segments based on the data reported by your application such as OS or mobile device type. Also, static segments can be defined outside of Amazon Pinpoint.

* Campaigns

You can create messaging campaigns to engage your audience. A campaign sends custom messages based on your defined schedule. For instance, you can create campaigns that could send push notifications, emails, SMS text messages, and voice messages.

* User Journeys

With journeys, you can create custom, multi-step experiences for your customers. Using Journeys you can send messages to your customers based on their behaviours, activities, and attributes. Journeys create an automated workflow of activities to perform a variety of actions. For example, sending emails to participants and waiting for a certain period based on their actions.

* Templates and Personalization

Amazon provides an efficient way to reuse your content by creating and using message templates. It contains content and settings for you to reuse in messages for any of your Amazon Pinpoint projects.

Templates can be used in emails, push notifications, SMS messages, and voice messages.

* Transactional Messages

Pinpoint also gives you the ability to send customized content on-demand by individual recipients. You can also use message variables and attributes, deliver dynamic, personalized content in messages sent from campaigns and journeys.

* Analytics

Gain insights into your audience and the effectiveness of your campaigns and messaging activities by using Pinpoint analytics. You can view different trends such as users’ level of engagement, purchase activity, demographics, etc. Understand your customers’ approach to your mobile and web applications. Identify and address issues that could affect the delivery of your messages.

How does it work?

As a user, the processes involved for the AWS Pinpoint service as per SNDK Corp-

1. Registration: Create a free AWS account, and then log in to the console.
2. Setting up: Design a campaign and set up your communication channels.
3. Start: Engage with your customers creating customer segments and sending campaigns and journeys.

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Use Cases

With AWS Pinpoint SNDK Corp provides simple and efficient marketing communications services. In the following cases AWS Pinpoint can be found useful:

* Marketing Messages

Promoting various products and services with basic or personalized messages, which can include special offers, newsletters, or any other engaging content.

* Transactional Messages

To send trigger-based customer communications from your application such as purchase confirmations or shipping notifications.

* Bulk Communication

Sending millions of messages to a community of users, including notifications and announcements. is a Japanese online snack retailer, delivering personalized healthy snacks. With Amazon Pinpoint they can now optimize and target notifications to their audience which amounts to roughly 50,000 customers per month.


Gametime provides ticket reselling services, catering to a last-minute marketplace for people to buy tickets to a variety of events such as sporting, concerts, music, comedy, etc. Using Amazon Pinpoint they have successfully launched twice the number of their existing campaigns with double the amount of users.


Coinbase is a world-leading compliant cryptocurrency platform that extends to over 100 countries with over 30 million users. With Amazon pinpoint, they can now send push notifications to their users whenever there is a movement in the price. Around 8 Million Notifications are sent per hour, this all achieved by Amazon Pinpoint.

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Using AWS Pinpoint SNDK Corp for marketing communications is a much faster and more efficient solution for customer engagement. You don’t need to create your own communications platform to reach out to your customers instead Pinpoint will do it for you. With personalized content and deep user analytics, it provides a better insight into your customers and their relationship with your brand. It is a better choice to consider when choosing marketing communications solutions. With SNDK Corp you can easily move your communications over Amazon Cloud to avail the benefits of this service. Targeted and user-friendly communication is essentially needed to build a better relationship with customers.

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