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What makes Untangle NG (NextGen) Firewall, SD-WAN, different from other Mainstream Firewalls?

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This is the generation of the internet. It is becoming one of the most widely used platforms for growing business. Small and medium scale businesses often ignore the aspect of securing their products and networks due to the primary reason for lack of budget. With big IT firms strengthening their security, hackers have shifted their targets to such small businesses that carry assets of equal importance.

So, even a small business is at a high risk of a data breach. We at Untangle provide simple and affordable solutions for network security and threat management.

Our Products

Untangle security framework includes the NG (NextGen) Firewall, SD-WAN router devices, and a Command Center in a single integrated and modular solution. As a trusted solution, we can help you understand your risks, optimize your resources, help detect threats, and prioritize your business applications to accelerate the growth of your business. Our products cover the complete technology spectrum ranging from simple Wifi connection to the complex Internet of Things.

A: NG Firewall

Protecting every device in your network can be both a complex and expensive task. NG Firewall provides a simple and cost-effective solution to the same. It delivers scalable and unified threat management systems designed specifically for organizations with a limited budget. From content filtering to advanced threat protection, NG Firewall provides a browser-based and responsive interface to monitor devices remotely.

Here we epitomize some of the most important features of the NG Firewall.

1. All-round security at Gateway:

NG Firewall effectively blocks all hacking and phishing attacks even before they can reach the systems. ScoutIQ™ cyber threat intelligence aggregates information across various IPs and URLs observed and provides superior protection against unknown and emerging threats. Our solutions filter out every possible kind of cyber attack and provide you with all-round security.

2. Deep Analysis and complete Control:

With Untangle NG Firewall, you get detailed and visual analysis of real-time data. The dashboard delivers event logs and notifies you against any abnormal activities of the network or a user. The visualization provides you with complete control of the network. Additionally, you won’t need any new device to check the status.

3. Zero-Touch Provisioning:

Untangle Command Center gives you the ability to view all the NG devices remotely. You can view your current deployments and deploy new appliances with just a few clicks from a secure login system. You can keep users and data safe regardless of the location. The network orchestration makes NG Firewall extremely easy to use.

B: SD-WAN Router

Internet connectivity and applications have become a vital part of businesses around the world. As your business evolves, video conferencing, cloud-based services, etc. increases the bandwidth requirement of your network. And network failure in a critical business meeting can be considered unprofessional too. Untangle SD-WAN router is a one-stop solution for building advanced internet infrastructure with a centralized management system.
sd-wan router

1) Branch Office Connectivity:

With Untangle SD-WAN router, you need not worry about network failure. It features multiple ports for Wifi, LTE, and Fiber connections to deliver multiple internet paths. This secure system automatically eliminates downtime. The VPN tunneling securely connects branch offices to the corporate network which adapts to the bandwidth usage.

2) Built-in Firewall:

Not only an optimized network but the SD-WAN router also comes with a built-in firewall that protects your network from all kinds of cyber-attacks and provides you with a secure and fast network. It drops all kinds of traffic that can prove to be harmful to your network.

3) Application-Based Routing:

The identification of the application is done at the first packet by Untangle’s patent-pending Predictive Routing technology. You can easily define the applications that need to be prioritized. The advanced routing capability enhances and maximizes employee productivity.

C: Command Center

Command Center is the integrated cloud-based console that gives admins the ability to successfully manage and monitor your network traffic. Both the NG Firewall and SD-WAN router systems can be managed under the same roof. It is a very powerful tool to manually deploy security firewalls accessible from any browser. Control and security, we have both covered for you. The following are some of the features of the Command Center.
Command center features

I. Simplified Management:

The dashboard gives you an immediate picture of the devices connected across your network. Complete information on your deployment and connectivity is available at your fingertips. Additional information such as top bandwidth usage, uptime, and network summaries are also presented. In a nutshell, the Command Center keeps you in control of your network.

II. Endpoint Security:

With Command Center, you receive notifications for every abnormal or unusual behaviour across multiple deployments. This keeps you updated with new and unknown threats. You also get a comprehensive monthly report for all your deployment connected across Command Center.

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Untangle is the most comprehensive network and management choice for small-to-medium sized businesses. We have gained the trust of over 40,000 happy customers protecting millions of devices from security threats. Untangle continues to fill in the security gaps with their certified engineers and round the clock customer care. Special pricing is also available to qualifying schools, NGOs, and government institutions.

We’re confident that you won’t find another security partner more committed to your success than Untangle. Consult us at SNDK Corp for exploring more about network security and cloud computing services.

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