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Data Structures & Algorithms using Rust: Merge Sorted Array

As part of Data Structures and Algorithms implementation using Rust, today we will explore Merge Sorted Array problem.

Leetcode problem link:

Problem Statement
Given two sorted integer arrays nums1 and nums2, merge nums2 into nums1 as one sorted array.
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The number of elements initialized in nums1 and nums2 are m and n respectively.
You may assume that nums1 has enough space (size that is equal to m + n) to hold additional elements from nums2.

nums1 = [1,2,3,0,0,0], m = 3
nums2 = [2,5,6],       n = 3

Output: [1,2,2,3,5,6]


-10^9 <= nums1[i], nums2[i] <= 10^9
nums1.length == m + n
nums2.length == n
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Find below the implementation using Rust

impl Solution {
    pub fn merge(nums1: &mut Vec<i32>, m: i32, nums2: &mut Vec<i32>, n: i32) {
        let mut m_i: usize = m as usize;
        for i in 0..n {
            nums1[m_i] = nums2[i as usize];
            m_i += 1;
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Please feel free to share your comments.

Happy reading!!!

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