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Disclaimer: I worked for Atlassian for many years and I lead the launch of Bitbucket Pipelines.

I'm curious to know what you think is missing from it compared to Github. I still use Bitbucket now (obviously 😊) but I use Github for open source things.


Personally I don't see any missing tooling from BitBucket, especially now that they have added .NET Core to Pipelines. I prefer BitBucket for private, company repos but keep my own personal OSS stuff in GitHub.

Code snippets could use a workover in BitBucket. I find them hard to keep organized. It would be nice if BitBucket could add tags (e.g. language) and make snippets searchable.


I honestly haven't given Bitbucket a try in a couple years, but yeah, I just find the amount on integrations with Github, the API, the UX and the whole package that Github has hard to beat.


I like Bitbucket really much. I'm only using GitHub, because it's so common. Companies and people are looking for your GitHub account and not for any kind of account in this direction. That's the only reason I didn't moved everything to Bitbucket. But it's awesome and I understand people using it.

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