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Alexandre Plateau
Alexandre Plateau

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Hacktoberfest: ArkScript - an open source scripting language

Hi everyone!

After receiving a few issues and PR on ArkScript repositories, I figured that it could be a great idea to make a short guide (+ a presentation of the project) on how to make a quality contribution.

What is ArkScript?

ArkScript is a small, fast and functional scripting language for C++ projects, inspired by Lisp, running on its own virtual machine.

Our goal is to make a language with few keywords (if a language has too many, it's a bad practice because they are trying to fix things by adding new "features"), which nearly anyone can understand. Indeed, if you understand that everything after a ( is a function, you understand the whole language.

ArkScript is not just the compiler and virtual machine, it's also a package manager, nuclear, benchmarks against other languages, a growing standard library, and much more!

Quality contributions

Those are meaningful updates to any of those projects, thus not things like correcting indentation, adding two words on a, adding an unrelated file to a project.

Alas those were the kind of PR (not all of them luckily) I received this morning, people being greedy for easy PR for the Hacktoberfest.

We have plenty of issues all over our repositories, even simple ones like:

So here we are, useful contributions would qualify as contributions adding something important to a project, fixing a bug, adding a functionnality.

Happy Hacktoberfest everyone!

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Jérémie Astor

I'm gonna check your package manager, it's one of the problems I have yet to solve for Gwion. Thanks!

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Alexandre Plateau Author

I'm glad it can help!

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Jérémie Astor

I'll probably grab some ideas, but use bash instead of python (I'm not so much of a python guy).

🤔 Did you know?

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