Keeping up in the JavaScript world 🏃‍

Karolis Ramanauskas on August 03, 2018

JavaScript fatigue has been on the rise for a while now. You often hear developers complain that the front-end world is moving too fast, there ar... [Read Full]
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Awesome post full of great info!
Challenge accepted on keeping up with all the things with a 'js' suffix.
It seems to me like all these open source projects in the JavaScript world are on some kind of race with the projects and ICO's of the Blockchain world haha


Agreed! I really think that developers ought to focus on spending a time of at least 4-6 weeks learning a new topic before jumping into something else as well. I know it can become really easy to jump from one framework to the next, and as you said get 'Javascript Fatigue'. Most importantly I think that many new developers fail to understand the basics of their language of choice and then jump right into a framework. This quickly leads to frustration and getting bogged down. Awesome read!


Investing time and effort always pays off. But it's also important to invest wisely.


Yes, it's like the Chinese proverb about placing your feet in 2 boats. You tend to go nowhere.


This is so awesome to many degrees. I have started with React.js now after going through Node.js/Express.js and many other libraries in there. And now I have started hearing about Web Assembly so it got me a little afraid that Javascript might die, but yeah this is an awesome way to keep with it. Is it true though, that Web Assembly would kill all others, Lol! :D


personally I also begin to feel the fatigue of Javascript.
My biggest difficulty is finding someone to talk to/exchange with, it's something I'd love to do, I have lots of ideas in my head, lots of side projects.
When it comes to learning a new thing, I ask myself the following questions:
1 - What is it?
2 - Why?
3 - how does it work?
4 - When to use it

because even if you like a tool, you should know which situations are suitable for its use.

Thanks for your post. It's very interesting.


Thank you for doing all of this hard work for me! 😉


Super thorough. I can imagine this being remarkably helpful for a lot of JS devs at a crossroads.


Great detailed read. Finding the right balance between consuming resources and actually experimenting (as you mentioned in the post) is the thing I struggle with the most.


For myself (non-javascript developer) I just know the basic syntax and google the rest. I only use it when doing random front-end stuff on our company site, or with our digital signs.

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