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What's new this week in SupremeObsidian.

This week, we've made a lot of progress on World Generation, Spells, and new custom player inventories. We also started work on several professions, blacksmiths, etc.



This week I worked on spells a good bit. We now have flags for our spells so we can give spells instant cast for example. We can add more as we go if we need some other kind of spell flag.

The Spells inventory does look rather nice now that we've gotten the new items being used along with the placeholder blank items in.

spells menu work

New inventory system

We also implemented a custom inventory system for different types of items that the player will be able to store in the inventory to change different attributes, such as their stats, their skill in certain professions, or even change certain combat mechanics or values in combat.

It looks very nice with the slots showing what should go into those slots, and only accepting certain types of items into the slot.

new inventory system


More biomes

This week we've implemented new biomes into KUAI, and they are looking great. There are still some more schematics to implement for roads in forests, etc, but the ocean biomes are just looking chef's kiss




I asked Kennedy to send me what he'd been working on this week, and I got


Stay tuned for next week's progress on Quest, by SupremeObsidian.

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