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re: The Best Book to Read as a Developer VIEW POST

re: Thanks, Ryland. You make this book sound really informative in a good way. Could you give one example of how understanding the inside of a compu...

Sorry for the late reply!

It's a hard question because a lot of what I gained from the book isn't a direct "skill" but instead a deep understanding.

There are obvious places where direct information from the book helped me, such as designing my game engine. What the book taught me about CPU caching really inspired me to learn more about how the cache works. This eventually led to a partial rewrite of my engine, as I had learned about entity-component pattern because of it's cache friendliness. I could list countless situations like these, and from other work projects (such as implementing high performance AI algorithms).

Outside of high performance computing, this book taught me a lot about basic programming patterns and the intricacies of branch prediction. Those are both incredibly relevant concepts, no matter what language you're working in.

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