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re: The Best Book to Read as a Developer VIEW POST

re: It's the same as any first principles argument: you build intuition. ex: Studying algorithms allows you to write code that makes appropriate reus...

Similarly, studying computer architecture and processor design allows you to develop intuition about the behavior of processes implemented by the hardware you're using, how they work as abstract resources, what data you're supplying to them as a programmer and by extension allows you to "think" in hardware, which leads to more contextually appropriate code both in general and on a target-specific basis.

This is a great answer (better than mine). Intuition is one of the most fundamental aspects of programming but also the most neglected.

I would say that outside of the abstract value you've communicated, there can also be direct value from the book, depending on your context. If you ever plan on writing C/C++ code professionally, this book will be immensely valuable.

Thanks for leaving such a great insight!

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