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re: Welcome to dev.to! I'm currently learning more about GatsbyJS and static sites in general. They have great documentation, and make it easy to learn.

Hi Andy! 👋 I'm currently learning about Web Development in general. I'm curious to hear what makes you interested in learning about static sites in general, mainly because I never even thought about it when planning my learning.


Hey Leslie! Sorry just seeing this now. I'm started to make basic websites for people, and so far static sites seem to be a good pathway of quickly creating portfolio or basic websites. With Gatsby in particular, I wanted to level up my React skills and get up and running quickly.

If you're learning more about web development, I think it's always good to have a solid foundation of how HTML and CSS work. Personally I learned Ruby, then Rails, then Javascript, and then finally more about HTML and CSS (which is now), and I wish I had learned more HTML and CSS to start with.

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