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Mecha CMS Installation Guide

Mecha is a minimalist flat-file content management system written in PHP. Based on the experience that happened after the release of version 2.0.0, I found that so many users feel the difficulty in installing the application because of the documentation that is not beginner-friendly.

The following are dummy videos that demonstrate the installation process in a local web server. I don’t do much editing on them (not even at all), sorry. I will try my best in the future when the experience and resources are sufficient.

Step 1: Installing the Core CMS

This video demonstrates how slow my computer is.

This video demonstrates the steps for installing Mecha on a web server. The /media/taufik/0/web location path is a custom location that points to the root domain. On the original web server, that location will usually be in /var/www folder. Please consult with your web hosting provider about where you should upload these files.

There isn’t any music on this video. Use your own damn music player while watching this video.

Step 2: Adding Pages

This video demonstrates how to add pages in Mecha.

Step 3: Adding User Feature (Optional)

This video demonstrates how to install the user extension before installing the control panel feature.

Step 4: Adding Control Panel Feature (Optional)

This video demonstrates how to install the control panel feature in Mecha after installing the user extension.

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