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Angular 9 New Features

Angular 9 is finally released with many new features.

The major feature of the release is the Ivy renderer and runtime which makes Angular bundles smaller and increases the performance of your apps.

Unlike version 8, Angular 9 uses Ivy by default and fixed many bugs.

These are the features mentioned in an official post:

  • Smaller bundle sizes and augmented performance
  • Faster testing
  • Better debugging
  • Improved CSS class and style binding
  • Improved type checking
  • Improved build errors
  • Improved build times, enabling AOT on by default
  • Improved Internationalization
  • The Ivy compiler: The default use of the Ivy compiler is the most important feature of Angular 9, Ivy is what actually designed to solve the major problems of Angular i.e the performance and large file size
  • Selector-less bindings support for Angular Ivy
  • Support for TypeScript Diagnostics Format
  • Support for more scopes in providedIn
  • A New Type-Safe TestBed.inject() Method Instead of TestBed.get()

Angular 9 makes it easy to use Google Maps and YouTube in your front-end apps.

Angular 9 added support for TypeScript 3.7 and improved the IDE and language service extension which will increase the productivity of Angular developers and help them spot errors when developing apps.

Many bugs have been fixed along with stability and performance issues.

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