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Updated blog structure testing 2

Steps to integrate Razorpay

Update feature testing after updating blog structure.

  • Final Checking on changed blog structure

  • Storing API keys in

  • Installing Razorpay library.

  • Creating order using Razorpay API.

  • Creating order at backend and also creating Razorpay order.

    • Show template
    • render to payment.html
    • Get info of call back URL
    • Done with creating an order.

Uploading a File

There are three ways you can upload a file:

  • From an Object instance

  • From a Bucket instance

  • From the client

In each case, you have to provide the Filename, which is the path of the file you want to upload. You’ll now explore the three alternatives. Feel free to pick whichever you like most to upload the first_file_name to S3.

💡 Testing call out block

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