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#182 – Selling Shovels During the Podcasting Gold Rush with Mubashar Iqbal

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Mubashar Iqbal (@mubashariqbal) is the most prolific indie hacker I know. He's got nearly 100 side projects under his belt, and more than a few of them are serving the burgeoning podcast space. In this episode, Mubs and I discuss opportunities for indie hackers to serve the podcasting market, what Mubs is working on in the space, and whether or not Spotify is building the Death Star.

  • Pod Hunt, Product Hunt for podcasts:
  • Podcast Ping, uptime monitoring built for podcasters:
  • Podcast Hosting Review, reviews of popular podcast hosting platforms:
  • "I Worked On…", a list of all the projects Mubs has worked on:
  • Follow Mubs on Twitter:

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